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What does music mean to me? In one word – LIFE. I am a singer, composer ane lyrics writer (in Czech, English and even in Spanish once). I play guitar and various kinds of flutes. But first of all, I am a happy person who is lucky to meet exceptional, talented, wise and kind people. I feel honoured having an opportunity to collaborate on both my and other musician´s songs, and always try to do my best. In fact, I am singing continuously (however just in my head in public). I sing in a large number of languages (English, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Spanish, Portugese, German, Scottish Gaelic), and I am eager to learn and sing in others. I especially love to creating polyphonic vocals, and with my voice range C#-A3, it´s possible to cover even some classical music pieces a capella. When people listen to the songs I participate in, and even say a couple of words about them, it´s a pure joy.